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2015 Annual Poetry Weekend

A marvellous set of tutorials with contemporary poet, Michael Laskey, for the 2015 Annual Poetry Weekend, which took place at The Marks Tey Hotel, Colchester.


Michael Laskey (centre)  with Nina Mattar and Mark Bones – photos by Sue Spiers

Michael Laskey has lived in Suffolk for over 30 years. A co-founder of the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival, he directed it through its first decade and continued to be closely involved in it until last year. He co-edited fifty issues of the poetry magazine Smiths Knoll (1991-2012) and works regularly as a writing tutor for The Arvon Foundation, in universities and schools and the wider community. He has published five collections, most recently The Man Alone: New and Selected Poems (2008) and Weighing the Present (2014). More information about Michael can be found at The Poetry Archive.

Photos from OU Poets Weekend Spectacular 2015

Annual Poetry Weekend

The Weekend Spectacular took place at Corbyn Head Hotel, Torbay Road, Torquay http://www.corbynhead.com 7-9 November 2014.

We were fortunate to have Jackie Juno, the current Grand Bard of Exeter (Caer Wyse) with us in 2014. Jackie said that, as far as she knows, she is the only female Grand Bard in its 200 year history.

Jackie Juno and OU Poets at the 2014 Poetry Weekend

As a tutor she is fun and dynamic, but with space for tenderness and contemplation, and inspired many of us through her often unconventional approach to writing. Twenty-two OU Poets took part in exercises and activities linked to–amongst other topics–the Changing of the Seasons, Descent, Precious Objects, Eurekas & Epiphanies, and Inanna. OU Poet  Mark Bones led a workshop on Translations. All were well-attended and great fun.

Usually taking place in November, a tutor joins us for the residential weekend devoted to poetry. The cost for such a weekend is circa £140.00 per person depending on the hotel booking. In 2015 the annual Weekend Spectacular will take place in the South East or Central South East of England. First time attendees are charged just £50 for the weekend.


An AGM is held annually, usually in April, at a venue in London. Our next AGM is planned for 9 April 2016.


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