One thought on “National Poetry Day

  1. ‘Off the Cuff’ is one of the creative writing workshops I belong to here in Weymouth. We meet in Littlemoore library near here, through the kindly offices of the local library service. They invited us to run a poetry workshop this afternoon, which we did. Not knowing what sort of afternoon it would be (but knowing that the library’s poetry section has a population of three) I took a huge box of poetry books. But in the end nine of us sat around a table reading our own and others’ poems. As the afternoon wore on we tended towards to the humourous – ‘Albert and the Lion’ (parts I and II), ‘The Battle of Hastings’, and other works that could only be written in English, and only in Britain. We did get a bit of Betjeman in, and a really excellent vilanelle written by an OtC member.


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