Postponement of AGM

We are now in the ‘delay’ phase of the Government’s coronavirus strategy. The situation has worsened quickly in the last week, and is expected to continue to worsen considerably over the coming weeks. Many of our members, including most of Committee, are in the most ‘at risk’ categories discussed by the Prime Minister yesterday. In view of this and to safeguard all members, the decision has been taken to postpone our AGM, originally planned for 18 April in central London, until further notice.

We have considered the possibility of holding a virtual AGM, but this would exclude some members who we know do not have access to the internet. No motions or nominations for election were notified in advance of the AGM.

Our Constitution makes provision for unexpected matters such as this to be dealt with by Committee, pending discussion at the next General Meeting.

The Committee have also discussed and agreed the following interim measures:

  • All Officers and Committee members will remain in their current roles until the AGM can be rearranged, at which point they will formally stand down and consider standing for re-election in the usual manner.
  • A ‘virtual’ Committee meeting will be held monthly by email to review the situation and the AGM will be reconvened at the earliest opportunity.
  • All other business of the Society will continue as normal.

Any other issues will be considered by the Committee as they arise, as part of usual business. If you have any queries or concerns about our approach, please direct them to one of the officers using the usual contact details (see OUP199 for details).

Thank you for your understanding at this time, and stay well.

Many thanks

Polly Stretton, Chair; Barbara Cumbers, Treasurer; Kimberley Pulling, Secretary; The Committee.

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