Another Competition Success for an OUPS Member!


We are delighted to announce that OUPS member, Julie Anne Gilligan has won Second Prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly’s April Competition with her poem, View from Dystopia. Congratulations, Julie!

Judging the competition, Mary Anne Smith Sellen, said of Julie’s poem, “This captivating poem impressed me from the start. I like the way Szymborska’s style has been effortlessly referenced here, as the poet describes their own first meeting with her work. ‘I carry in my pockets a loose change of words’ is a line that particularly resonated with me, after reading the Syzmborska poem that had ‘stuck within the core’ of the poet.”

Julie is the author of The Thickness of Blood, Monkey Business, 2012. Brought up on a literary diet of Greek Myths, Shakespeare, The Eagle, Edward Lear, Kentish gravestones, The Goon Show, atlases, telephone direectories and cereal packets plus an alliterative spattering of Kipling, Keats and Coleridge, she waited until late 2003 before writing her first poem. After a half century of abstinence, she’s been catching up ever since!

A second OUPS member, Wendy Toole, was Highly Commended, in the same competition with her poem, Soch Vichar. The judge’s report describing her piece as, ‘A perfectly paced and thought-provoking poem, beginning with a description of fire as something beautiful and useful. In the third stanza the poet then seamlessly turns this to suggest a more disturbing outcome, culminating in an unequivocal warning in the final line.’

To find out more about the competition and the Sentinel Literary Quarterly, click here.

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