Openings 39 available now!

Openings 39, the annual anthology of The Poetry Society of the Open University, is available now. This anthology includes 35 poems which have appeared in the Society’s workshop magazines during 2021. Members vote for the poems that they have enjoyed most. The most popular find themselves in the anthology. Themes and styles are as varied as ever, including poems on parenthood, childhood, memories of loved ones, art, classic cars, platonic love, a ghost ship, landmarks, ancestry and even an ode to an octopus.

This year’s contributors are: Alice Harrison; Nigel Kent; Denis Ahern; Jim Lindop; Kimberley Pulling; Polly Stretton; Rob Lowe; Hilary Mellon; Phil Craddock; Colin Rennie; Christine Frederick; Julie Anne Gilligan; Cate Cody; Judi Moore; Vicki Morley; David Dennis; Jane Avery; Kate Young; Julie Stamp; Lem Ibbotson; Karen MacFarlane; Barbara Cumbers; Sally James; K.J. Barrett; Ross McGivern; Adrian Green; Pru Bankes Price; Susan Jarvis Bryant; Sue Spiers; Katherine Rawlings; Jenny Hamlet; Tim Field; John Starbuck; Rosie Douglas; Dave Sinclair.

Thanks to Alice Harrison and Sue Spiers for putting this together.

Click here to obtain a copy.

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