Openings 37 available for sale

Openings 37, the annual anthology of the Open University Poets has been published and is available for sale, £7 + £2.16p P&P.

Openings 37 is the 2020 annual anthology of the most popular poems from the 2019 workshop magazines, voted for by its members. The anthology is as broad-based as the society itself and reflects the varied backgrounds, interests, experiences and tastes of the members, with poems on subjects such as decorating, parental advice, visiting a hospice, manhood, Coronation Day and electric vehicles. To purchase a copy see below.


£7 + £2.16 UK P&P


£7 + £3.50 Non-UK P&P

Openings 36 out now!

Openings 36 the annual anthology of the Open University Poets has been published!
Openings 36 is the latest edition of the Society’s annual anthology. During the year approximately 500 poems were submitted to the workshop magazines. In January members had the opportunity to vote for their favourites). Thanks to the efforts of members, Sue Spiers (editor) and Alice Harrison (collator), 36 of these poems were published in the anthology and sent to members in July.
As one might expect in an anthology, the poems explore a wide range of subjects. This year the Society’s poets tackled subjects as varied as the life of Will Gaines, a potting shed, World War I, manhood, a grey cardigan, the Greenham Common protest, dementia, racism and the story behind an iconic painting.
The anthology is free to members. For those wishing to buy a copy see below for details.
Non UK P&P
The OUP anthology for 2018 was Openings 35, you can get your copy sent directly to you, see below for details.

Openings 35 vii.jpg

£7.00 plus P&P

UK P&P btn_buynowCC_LG

Non-UK plus P&P btn_buynowCC_LG

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