Welcome to our new Secretary

Welcome to OUP’s new secretary Kimberley Pulling. Kimberley has taken on the role of secretary as Adrian Green steps down.

Our sincere thanks to Adrian for all his good work over the years. Adrian remains a committee member, so his kindness and wisdom is not lost to us.


Openings 35 is launched

The 2018 OUP  anthology is published! With thanks to editor Sue Spiers and collator Alice Harrison.

At the end of the year OUP members vote for their favourite poems from the workshop magazines, and the most popular appear in Openings, our anthology. The publication of Openings has been an annual event from 1981. The anthology is as broad-based as the organisation and reflects the varied backgrounds, interests and tastes of the members.

The OUP anthology for 2018 is Openings 35, you can get your copy sent directly to you, see below for details.

Openings 35 vii.jpg

£7.00 plus P&P

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