Collections by OUPS poets

Barbara Cumbers

A Gap in the Rain”, Barbara Cumbers, Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2015.

Julie Anne Gilligan

The Thickness of Blood, Julie Anne Gilligan, Monkey Business, 2012.

Adrian Green

“Chorus and Coda”, Adrian Green, Litorral Press, 2007.

“All that Jazz and Other Poems“, Adrian Green, Littoral Press, 2018.

Jenny Hamlett

Talisman”, Jenny Hamlett, Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2009.

Playing Alice, Jenny Hamlett, Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2017.

Nigel Kent

“Saudade”, Nigel Kent, Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2019.

Jim Lindop

“A Blue Journey”, Jim Lindop and Rodney Wood.

“In the Wind’s Eye”, Jim Lindop, Headlock Press, 1998.

Nigel Pearce

“Forms of resistance”, Nigel Pearce, Chipmunkpublishing, 2020.

Sue Spiers

“Jiggle Sac”, Sue Spiers, 2014.

Polly Stretton

“Girl’s Got Rhythm”, Polly Stretton, Black Pear Press, 2014.