Membership is for any student or member of the staff, past or present, of the Open University, who has an interest in poetry. If you fulfil these criteria, you are welcome to apply.

Membership of OU Poets brings you:

  • Five magazines a year with 30-35 pages of poems
    and comments on poems
  • A monthly Zoom session in which members can share their poems and receive feedback
  • An annual anthology of members’ poems
  • The chance to send in your own poems for
    comments and helpful constructive criticism
  • The chance to vote on and perhaps be included in the
    society’s annual anthology
  • The chance for full members (i.e. 12 month subscription) to attend day workshops and the annual poetry weekend
  • Association with other OU people who share your
    interest in poetry

OU Poets hold a membership list with addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all members, this information is used to mail the magazine and annual anthology to members, and to keep up-to-date with OUP events.

When you complete this form you are confirming that you are, or have been, a student or employee of the Open University.

Membership is £24 for the full year (£18 if you are on a low income or benefits) and if you join part way through the year the fee is pro-rata, as below. Please help us keep membership fees low for everyone by paying the full amount if you can afford it.

A whole year’s membership is required in order to attend meetings and workshops. Should you decide to apply for full membership part way through the year and wish to pay the £24.00 / £18.00 so that you can attend OUP workshops / meetings, the current year’s past issues of our magazine will be sent to you as .pdfs.




Full membership





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See below* (6)


Full membership

Full Sub £24.00btn_buynowCC_LG £20btn_buynowCC_LG £15btn_buynowCC_LG £10btn_buynowCC_LG £24btn_buynowCC_LG
Low Income Sub £18.00btn_buynowCC_LG £14.50btn_buynowCC_LG £11btn_buynowCC_LG £7.50btn_buynowCC_LG £18btn_buynowCC_LG

Please click on the appropriate ‘Buy Now’ icon to pay via PayPal or if you prefer, send an email to our treasurer for the address to send a cheque, or wish to pay via BACS (the system in the UK for making payments directly from one bank account to another. Also known as Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services).

*Note: new members joining after 1 October pay in full for the following calendar year, and will receive membership and the magazine free for the initial period to 31 December.

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