Poets in Print

Why not checkout the work of all those OUPS poets who have succeeded in having their poems published this year? Congratulations to them all and thanks to every member who contributes comments on work in progress in our workshop magazine. They do so much to support the development of our poets.

Jenny Hamlett

“On Silence and Sound” in South, April 2019; “The WI Talk” in Reach 247, April 2019; “On the Sussex Downland” in Artemsipoetry, Issue 21, May 2019; “Climbing Whin Hill” in Reach 249, June 2019.

Alice Harrison

“What a Farce”, Orbis 188; “Proof of Existence” and “Eclipsed 1999”, Frogmore Papers 94; “Lost”, Obsessed with Pipework 88.

Nigel Kent

“Juliet in the Hijab” in Acumen 93, January 2019; Thinking you Home, A Poetry Conversation with Sarah Thomson, July 2019, Hedgehog Poetry Press; “Fruitless“, in Planet in Peril, August 2019, Fly on The Wall Poetry Press; “Nighthawks” in What the Peacock replied, September 2019, Dempsey and Windle; his collection, Saudade, October 2019, Hedgehog Poetry Press.

Jacob Lund

“Mute Epiphany” and “Monody” in N2 Poetry, Issue 7, January 2019; “The Territorial” and “Views along the English Coast” in Bollocks to Brexit, An Anthology of Poetry and Short Fiction, Civic Leicester, June 2019.

Nigel Pearce

The Origins of Proletarian Poetics, March 2019, Book Printing UK; Completely Fragmented, April 2019, Chipmonkapublishing.