Poets in Print

Why not checkout the work of those OUPS poets who have succeeded in having their poems published? Congratulations to them all and thanks to every member who contributes comments on work in progress in our workshop magazine. They do so much to support the development of our poets.

You can also find our members’ work in our annual anthology, Openings and referenced on the “Collections by OUPS Poets” page.

Jane Avery

“The colour of grief” in WWI, Motherhood and Grief, Black Pear Press, 2019; “Magic” in Wishing You Were There, Hedgehog Poetry Press, September 2020; “Duty Calls”, “And Yet” and “Mine” in Impspired #7, September 2020.


“Yellow Wednesday” in Twyford Rising edited by Helen Beynnon and Chris Gillam, Sarsen Press (2020).

Susan Jarvis Bryant

“Shots”, “A Novel Fetish”, “Scoffer”, “Ode to an Octopus”, “The Spyder”, “Heart of Darkness”, “I’m Far From Young Enough”, “A Timeless Villanelle” in Extreme Formal Poems: Contemporary Poets, edited Beth Houston, Beth Houston Publishing (2021).

Marian Christie

From Fibs to Fractals Exploring mathematical forms in poetry, Marian Christie, Beir Bua Press, 2021; “Fractal Poems,Marian Christie, Penteract Press, 2021.

Barbara Cumbers

“Because you’ve never seen one, you ask me about stag beetles” on https://inksweatandtears.co.uk, January; “Voice” in Dream Catcher 35; “Small” in Brittle Star 40; “Response to an unanswered prayer” in Acumen 88; “Keen of Hamar” in Envoi 176: “Canvassing in a safe Tory seat” in Poems for Jeremy Corbyn; “Post human” in Acumen 96, January 2020; “Rails” in 14 Series 2 Issue 1, July 2020; “In the forty-first year of our marriage” in Poems for the year 2020, 2021, Shoestring Press; “This is an age of goats” in Acumen 99, January 2021; “Walking with Gilbert White” in Words for the Wild, 2021.

Kathy Finney

‘The Fylde Coast’, in Crow & Cross keys, online on http://www.crowscrosskeys.com; ‘Sættement’ in The Broken Spine – Artist Collective 4; ‘My Last Afternoon with Grandma A” in A3 Review, 13, October 2020; “Sandgrown” in Place in Poetry: Mapping the Nation in Verse, One World Publications, October 2020; “Gilbert’s Garden” in Words for the Wild, 2021.

Julie Anne Gilligan

“Take a Haiku” in The Fish Rots from the Head ed Rip Bulkeley, Culture Matters Co-operative Ltd, 2022; “Caliban Re-cast” in Poetsonline.org, December 2021; “Observations on the Nature of the Rose” in Ninemusespoetry, February 2019; “The Artist speaks across millennia” in Ninemusespoetry, March 2019 special challenge; “Catching Stars, a storm on the Nile” in Friends of the Mississippi ‘Write to the River’ World Rivers Edition, Autumn 2019; “Gull’s Eye View”, “Relativity”, “Acclimatised”, “Passing Places”, “The Potter’s Bowl’’ and “Cormorant” translated by Mariana Zavati Gardner in Banchetul and ProSaeculum (Romanian literary magazines), Winter 2019/2020; “FOUR-OH-FOUR ERROR: A song to my Search Engine” in Cupid’s Arrow, Poems of Love, Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2020.

Adrian Green

“Diagnosis”, “Redevelopment”, and “The Dare” Poetry Salzburg Review, no 36, 2020; ‘Getting Lost on Motorways’ and ‘Curriculum Vitae’ in Southen Poetry, 2019; ‘All Bluesin Acumen 96; ‘Sir IDS’ in The Morning Star, 30/02/2020.

Jenny Hamlett

“On Silence and Sound” in South 59, April 2019; “The WI Talk” in Reach 247, April 2019; “On the Sussex Downland” in Artemis, Issue 21, May 2019; “Climbing Whin Hill” in Reach 249, June 2019; “Seascape” in Reach 251, August 2019; “The New Winter” in South, Autumn 2019; “Lady of Happiness” in Dawntreader 48, Autumn 2019; “Care Home” in Reach 252, September 2019; “When this is Over” in Artemis 23, November 2019.

Alice Harrison

“What a Farce”, Orbis 188; “Proof of Existence” and “Eclipsed 1999”, Frogmore Papers 94; “Lost”, Obsessed with Pipework 88; “Sons and Mothers” and “The Beast” in Orbis, #195, March 2021.

Nigel Kent

“Last Christmas” in Fireflies and Flames, edited by Janice Dempsey, Windle and Dempsey, 2022; “Predator” in The Fish Rots from the Head ed Rip Bulkeley, Culture Matters Co-operative Ltd, 2022; Flight of Fancy” in Dear Aunty at Christmas, Hedgehog Poetry Press, Dec 2021, “Juliet in the Hijab” in Acumen 93, January 2019; Thinking you Home, A Poetry Conversation with Sarah Thomson, July 2019, Hedgehog Poetry Press; “Fruitless“, in Planet in Peril, August 2019, Fly on The Wall Poetry Press; “Nighthawks” in What the Peacock Replied, September 2019, Dempsey and Windle; his collection, Saudade, October 2019, Hedgehog Poetry Press; ‘The Cleansing’ in What the Moon was Told, March 2020, Dempsey and Windle; “As good as his words”, The Blue Nib website, June 2020; pamphlet Psychopathogen, July 2020, Hedgehog Poetry Press; “Miracle Required”, HCE website, July 2020; “Pencil Boys” in http://www.poetrynonstop.com, August 2020; “Shifting Sands” in Wishing You Were There, Hedgehog Poetry Press, September, 2020; “Compulsion”, “Lockdown dreams” and “After the all clear” in Impspired 3, October 2020; “Aftershock”, “Waiting Room” and “I am what you designed me to be, I am your blade” in Impspired 4, February, 2021; ‘Reflection’, ‘Seeking the Genie’, and ‘The Power of Flowers’ in Impspired 5′, June 2021; ‘Treadmill’, ‘False moves’, ‘The heart of the community’, ‘The flight of the caged bird’ in Notes from the Isle’, Dreich, August 2021; ‘Unmuted: A book of ekphrastic poems‘, October 2021, Hedgehog Poetry Press.

Jim Lindop

Clerihews in The Call Of The Clerihew edited by Andy Jackson and George Szirtes, 2019, Somestack Press; “Cedar” in Dawntreader 50, April 2020; “Bird” in Dawntreader 52, November 2020.

Jacob Lund

“Us” in Banchetful, Oct-Dec 2021, (translated by M. Gardner); “Old Words”, “The Working Lighthouse” and “Views Along the English Coast” in Pro Saeculum journal, Romania (Oct-Dec 2021) (translated by Mariana Gardner). “Caravasggio” and “In Memory of Dr. James Grainger, Plantation Manager” in The Use of English (The English Association), Spring 2021;”Mute Epiphany” and “Monody” in N2 Poetry, Issue 7, January 2019; “The Territorial” and “Views along the English Coast” in Bollocks to Brexit, An Anthology of Poetry and Short Fiction, Civic Leicester, June 2019; “Us”, “On the Up”, “The Territorial”, and “Views Along the English Coast” in Use of English, Summer 2020.

Samantha Mansi

“Late Dog Walk” in Talisman Zine, January 2020.

Karen McFarlane

“Gannet Diving” in Poetry Scotland, #101, 2021.

Hilary Mellon

“High Wire Waiting” and “Moscow” in Orbis, #195, March 2021.

Judi Moore

“Unexpected Meeting in 2020” in Glean and Graft, the Bournemouth Writing Prize Anthology 2021, Fresher; “Sea Park” in Poems for the Year 2020: Eighty Poets on the Pandemic, Shoestring Press, 2021.

Vicki Morley

“Persian Rug” in South 59, April 2019; “Fudo in the British Museum” in the Canterbury Festival Poetry Anthology 2019; “Weather Gods”, Ink, Sweat and Tears website, December 2019.

Patricia M. Osborne

Sherry and Sparkly, a poetry conversation with Maureen Cullen, Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2021.

Nigel Pearce

The Origins of Proletarian Poetics, March 2019, Book Printing UK; Completely Fragmented, April 2019, Chipmonkapublishing.

Dave Sinclair

“And is There Honey Still for Tea” in The Fish Rots from the Head ed Rip Bulkeley, Culture Matters Co-operative Ltd, 2022; ‘The Lady’ in Makarelle, Autumn 2021.

Sue Spiers

“Button Tin” in South #63 2021; “Anniversary Orchid” in Acumen #100 2021; “Doorsteps” and “The Madonna of the Book of Kells” in The High Window Autumn 2021; 4 poems in Dreich August 2021; “Cleaning Up” in Spilling Cocoa June 2021; 2 poems in http://www.snakeskinpoetry.co.uk July 2021; “Disappearance” in 14 Autumn 2021; “Golden” in Obsessed With Pipework #96 2021; “Cinquain – Holly Hill” in http://www.blackboughpoetry.com Winter 21/22; “Leaf” in Green Ink Press November 2021; “The element that runs the tail of a dog” in  http://www.winecellarpress.com denatured edition; “Olfactory” and “How to Truly Listen” in Obsessed with Pipework, May 2020; “A Letter” in South 61, May 2020; “Cirque Berserk” and “Steampunk Love” in Obsessed with Pipework 89, February/March, 2020; “When I Became a Rhino” on Ink, Sweat and Tears website, February 2010; “Sunday Morning Bathing” on Atrium website, February 2020; “Time Relaxes at the Beach” and “Camisa des Venus” in Stand Magazine, January 2020; “Plague: A Season of Senryu”, September 2020. “Here is the Key of the cave” and “Legend” in Orbis, # 195, March 2021.

Polly Stretton

“The Journey” in Changelings and Fairy Rings: An Anthology of Nature Spirits & Elemental Creatures, June 2019, Three Drops Press; “Acid Velvet” and “Six-foot-four Sunflower” in Pressed Flowers, October 2019, Black Pear Press; “Echoes of Bells” and “Raw” in the Poetry of Worcestershire Anthology, November 2019, Offa’s Press; “The Alchemy of 42”, Black Pear Press, August 2020; “Midwinter Spindle” in Poetree Project – The Winter Selection, 2021; “The Seasons Turn”in Dear Reader, February 2021; her collection, Growing Places, Black Pear Press, 2021.

Kate Young

“Robin at Evensong”, “Underworld”, “Freesias”, “The Knit of Nouns” and “Moon in a Bottle” in Dreich, Season 4, #4, edited by Jack Caradoc, 2022; “Loch Ryan”, “The Cuckoo Child” and “Faces of Angels” in The Poet- an Anthology on the theme of Culture and Identity, Volume 1, published by Robin Barrett, 2022; “Anxiety” on https://www.facebook.com/Poetryandmentalhealth/; “The Man of Many Masks” and “Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park” in Power, Fly on the Wall Press, Winter Edition, 2021; “Inside a War Torn Chair” in Ninemusespoetry, May 2019; “Cirque Du Soleil” in Ekphrastic Review, June 2019; “Blade of Grass” in Ninemusespoetry, June 2019; “Written in Oil” in Ekphrastic Review July 2019; “Display Case in Red” in Ninemusespoetry, July 2019; “Waiting to be Astonished” in Ninemusespoetry, August 2019; “Nightjar” in Ekphrastic Review in September 2019; “Brother in Art” in Ninemusespoetry, September 2019; “Ready to Fall” in Ninemusespoetry, October 2019; “Firefly in the Doorway” in Ekphrastic Review, December 2019; “December” in the 2020 Calendar, Hedgehog Poetry Press; “Dreamboat” in Ekphrastic Review, January 2020; “Forbidden Love” in Ninemusespoetry, January 2020; “When Apathy Comes” in Ninemusespoetry, February 2020; “Silent Soundtrack” in Ekphrastic Review in March 2020; “No Ordinary Apothecary in Words for the Wild, March 2020; “Shades of Summer” in Words for the Wild, October 2020; “Dirt to Dust” in Fantastic Ekphrastic Awards, 2021; For Theo”, “A Circular Existence” and “Magnets in Soles” in Ekphrastic Review, March 2021, “Four and a half hours” in Boundaries & Borders, Scottish Writers Centre, 2021.