OU Poets at Scarborough

A wonderful weekend of poetry at Scarborough – great to see so many new members join in with the workshops – interesting and stimulating tutorials from Wes Magee shown in the centre of the photo below. More to follow.

Photo courtesy of Sylvia Williamson

Facebook Chat – OUSA

Sandra Carter, Student Community Assistant at OUSA has sent the following message:

‘With Freshers fast approaching at the end of the month, we were wondering how the Societies would like to get involved.

‘Cath Brown will be hosting a Facebook chat 7-8 pm on 27th September. This will be an opportunity for new students to pose questions about Societies. It would also be a great chance to entice new members. For those of you who haven’t attended one of these ‘online events’ here’s a link to this January’s equivalent chat. https://www.facebook.com/events/618023334991215/?active_tab=posts

‘When the day comes you’ll be able to find the event on this page https://www.facebook.com/OUstudents/events

Hope to see some OU Poets joining in the conversation.



Poetry Weekend

A special weekend for full members (i.e. 12 month subscription) of the OU Poetry Society.

Microsoft Word - Weekend Advert 2016 v.ii.doc


Wes Magee
Photo from The English Association

Wes Magee has published six poetry collections for adults, and more than 100 books for young readers – fiction, poetry, plays, picture books, and anthologies. He is an award-winning author for children and for adults and regularly makes author visits to schools, libraries, and festivals where he performs his ‘Poetry Show’ and gives writing workshops.

OUP182 – deadline

OUP182 – the deadline is tomorrow, 17 August. The editor, Sue Spiers, who has set ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ as the theme (optional) says ‘Come on you sinners, get writing about wrath, poesying about pride, scribbling on sloth, gabbing on greed, elaborating on envy, be loquatious on lust and give me doggerel on gluttony’. Now there’s a challenge!